DEBT Manager | Insurance Companies
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DEBT Manager

Integrating debt collection processes
in the insurance companies


DEBT Manager exquisitely fits in the Insurance debt collection processes by improving:

Debt monitoring

Amicable debt collection

Debt outsourcing

Cooperation with law firms

Judicial execution (including e-court)

Debt sales
and writing off loss

Highest attention to data security allows us to
implement the system in insurance comanies successfully.

Our elaborate methods cover the following:

Integration with internal systems

Specific debt collection processes*

*(e.g. recourse) 

Specific users role
(during debt collection process)

Specific components of accounts receivable claimed at recovery

Key area of system function for Insurance is:

Providing industry wide communications

DEBT Manager has been repeatedly used by Insurance companies


DEBT Manager system handles

over two million debts cases 

in the insurance companies


References are available on request